Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Sock Is Finished

I've finished my practice sock. I can't believe I knitted a sock. As I didn't do a tension square, it's actually too small, but as it was for practice I don't mind. I did get stuck when turning the heel, but with the help of the ladies at the KIP I was able to press on. I did however make a mistake somewhere along the line, the heel is in reverse sticking stitch. I may have worked an extra row when doing the heel flap. I also ended up with an extra stitch, not sure how that happened. This means that when I make a pair for real I'll have to stay focused, take my time and use my row counter properly.


I'm trying to knuckle down and get projects underway in time to put them online. So far I've got one more crocheted bookmark to make. I still however, have all the knitted bookmarks, the phone cases, the filet shawl and two possibly three bags to make. All this has to be completed by the second week of August. As if having three boisterous almost two year old boy to look after wasn't enough, I've agreed to look after my baby nephew for a couple of weeks until he starts nursery. Its going to be a challenge, but I'm going to try and do it. As well as all this, I still haven't posted about the Knit In Public event I went to in the beginning of the month or posted pictures of my sample products. I could do with a few more hours in the day.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Romani Progress

At this point in time I should have done 40% of the filet crochet shawl. However, for the second time I have had to rip back my work to correct a mistake. The first time I had to go back 7 rows, which I thought was bad. But yesterday evening just as I was coming to row 46 (the row before the first central motif) I noticed the same mistake 21 rows down. If not for the fact that I'm going to sell the shawl I would have left it and made an adjustment later on.
I now have to force myself to check my work every 3 rows. Keys hope I don't have to take another massive step back otherwise I won't finish this shawl until Christmas.