Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Fairly Odd Socks Vol. 1

For the past 10 months I've been working on my sock collection, my first ever sock collection. This collection is made up of paired odd socks so I've named it Fairly Odd Socks.

There are our patterns in total, though technically there are eight because each individual sock is different, so you can have a myriad of combinations.

The patterns, plus the E-book, have been added to Ravelry, Love Knitting, Etsy and Craftsy. I will soon add them to the PDF Patterns tab, I will also write a separate post talking about each sock in detail.

For now, you can enjoy these pictures.





Saturday, 9 September 2017

Simple Scrummy Scones

Mrs U Makes...Simple Scrummy Scones

A (very) long time ago I posted a recipe for sugar crusted scones. Whilst these are tasty, they aren't the healthiest. So in an effort to not completely overload the U household with sugar, I've been making scones without the sugar crust and have recorded a video demonstrating how simple they are to make.

Mrs U Makes...Simple Scrummy Scones

Who wouldn't want to feast on warm buttery scones in the morning, at lunch, or whenever you fancy. Be sure to make enough to go round.

Check out the video below or click here for the written and sugar crusted version.