These are some of my works in progress, or as we say in the knitting world WIPs.

Stash Busting Blanket

This will be a long running blanket. I'm using all the scrap pieces of yarn and balls of yarn that I know I'm not going to use in a project. I generally work on it in between projects and when I want a change of pace.

Weave Blanket

This doesn't yet have a name. I'm using knit and purl stitches to create a basket weave effect. At the moment it's a lap blanket (large enough to cover my lap but not my whole body). When it's completed, if I want it larger, I will add a crocheted border.


This is a Granny Square blanket that I'm making for the first of my sons. Each square will have two circles in the centre of it.


This blanket is being knitted using the Intarsia technique. The blanket will have four motifs, the center will be knitted in stocking stitch and the border will be in garter stitch.

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