I have long since finished the yet to be named bag (I've named it Cinnamon) and have a necklace that needs a new clasp. I keep telling myself to post these items onto my MISI store but for some reason I just cant get round to it. Most of the time that I remember I'm actually busy, but there are times when for some reason I just couldn't do it. One day I'll just have to force myself to get off my posterior and load them up.

On a positive note I've finished two of the five Christmas presents, I've done about 40% of the gift for one of my sisters and 20% of the one for my niece.

I've finished my mothers gift (more information to come regarding that), a stole. For my other sister I've done a poncho, which I was able to whip up last weekend.

At the beginning of December I'll start my youngest sisters gift. Next year, the Christmas knits will definitely have to start in the summer.