Green Fingers/Basil Watch: Day 9

On Monday I was able to go out without the boys (Huzzah). I went to Wilkinsons and had a wander around their gardening section. After much perusing, I left with a grow your own sweet pepper and chilli pepper pots, a pack of mixed Caribbean chilli seeds, some potting soil and a sort of window box.
None of the seedlings have come through yet but I'm hoping to see something over the weekend.

Mixed Caribbean Chillies

Grow Your Own Peppers Sweet: California Wonder & Hot: De Cayenne

I'll have to start thinking about where I going to put all these plants that I'm growing. We don't have a garden and there aren't many places that receive enough light that the boys can't reach. I've already had to move the bookshelf in the kitchen to the window to try and prevent them from playing with the pots. Even so they still try to get to them by moving the dining chairs and using them as a step ladder. I guess the curiosity is just too much.

The basil plant is growing very well, as you can see from the picture there are a lot more seedlings coming through. I'm going to wait until the boys go back to nursery before getting pots to move them to.

Basil: Day 9
If my husband can borrow a drill from someone I'll ask the landlord if it's ok to put some shelves up. Hopefully he'll say yes and I can get to work on making space for my mini garden.