Operation 'Keeping Busy': Wednesday & Thursday

So Wednesday's activities were reading, shapes and colours flash cards, and drawing/colouring in. We did all these except for the shape flash cards, I didn't have time to finish preparing them.

The book we read was Halibut Jackson, which they really enjoyed. Out of all the colours we went through, the only one they consistently recognised was orange, the others were hit and miss.

Yesterday's activities were number flash cards, painting and singing. We didn't get round to any if these as I totally forgot that the play link worker from Homestart Haringey was coming (I thought it was Saturday). She arrived with some toy animals and was surprised at how many they could name and that they knew what sounds they make. I was very surprised that DS #2 knew what a giraffe was as he usually calls them Melman (from the Madagascar films).

They also played a matching game and explored a treasure box.
They had a lot of fun.

Today's activities are play dough (we might make some more if I can find spare containers), colour and fruit flash cards and drawing with chalk. I'm determined to do them all.