The Pocket Poncho Is Finished

Pocket Poncho
The Pocket Poncho

On Saturday I finished the Pocket Poncho (name subject to change), I'm very pleased with the finished piece especially as it involves a little sewing and now has two pouches.

Poncho with a pouch
Front and back view of poncho.

In theory I can make one up in about a week, God, children and household tasks willing. So it is highly likely to become an item as also sell as a finished piece.

Front pouch of ponchoBack pouch of poncho
Front and back pouches on the poncho

Probably the hardest part of making this piece was the sewing, just because sewing is not as good a friend me as knitting and crochet are. Having to cut the fabric out to the right shape and size and then realising that it's a little big and one edge is not straight. Then having to sew a straight line on a sewing machine. I take my hat of to people who sew for a living and as hobbyist; dressmakers, tailors, quilters, I don't know how you do it. In future I may use a closed stitch pattern, which will eliminate the need for lining.

I will start on another one as soon as I see an opportune time, using different colours as well. The rest of this week will be spent writing up the pattern, ready to hopefully be published by Monday.

So what do you think?