Crocheted Bolero

The easter holidays were a few weeks ago and I'm still not back on my regular crafting, blogging, media sharing schedule. For some reason I've not been able to get back into a groove.

I've decided to give up on the Ladies Shrug for now, there were too many issues with the pattern and I fell out of like with it.

To get back on track I decicded to look for something else that would be quick to make up and could use up the 10 balls of Rowan Belle Organic dk yarn that I've had in my cupboard for over two years.

Baggy Bolero
Baggy Bolero by Pickles
After much trawling across Pinterest and Ravelry, I came across this Bolero that I'd saved in my Ravelry queue. It's made by Pickles and is very simple to make. The original pattern is knitted, but I'm crocheting mine to save time.

Crocheted version of Pickles' Baggy Bolero
One half of the Baggy Bolero
It's made in two parts, I started the first part on Thursday and finished on Saturday. I'll start the second half on Thursday and if the weather behaves itself I won't have to wait until summer to wear it.