Out Of Action...Again

Mrs U Makes... Crochet Baby Hat @MrsUMakes #mymrsumakes #hatsofftoyakid

Ever since I started testing on the Diamant√© Shrug I've had a serious itch to start a new project. I spent most of last week searching through Ravelry and my Pinterest project queue board. Eventually I settled on this by Atelier Alfa. I didn't have enough stash yarn so ordered some from Deramores. 

This didn't ease my knitting crave as I'd have to wait for the yarn to become available. So off again I went looking for items to make until the yarn arrived, I realised that the easiest thing to make would be baby hats, crocheted baby hats to be exact. I'd be able to wing a few patterns and use up some of my yarn stash. My plan was to make about six hats and write up the patterns in an eBook, I even have a name for it.

I made two hats on Saturday, one of which I frogged because I didn't like the look, the other is pictured above. On Sunday I planned to make another in a smaller size and work on another design, but I noticed that my arm was slowly getting stiffer, Knitter's Elbow was settling in. Most days I'd wake up with a stiff elbow caused by a night of feeding Little Miss U in an awkward position, so adding crochet to the mix didn't help.

I should have stopped what I was doing and rested, but instead I soldiered on, that's how eager I was to make something. Well that was definitely the wrong move, as by Sunday night my arm had limited movement. Then after a night of no sleep mixed in with feeding Little Miss U, I woke up on Monday with practically no movement. I had to make a sling with one of my scarves and carry out my day to day activities with just one arm.

Oh, did I mention that it's my right arm that is affected, if it wasn't for my niece coming over I don't know how I'd be able to keep the place clean, cook, feed or (safely) carry Little Miss U. Having triplets taught me how to do many things with one hand, but having them five years ago means that I'm a little out of practise.

It's now the fourth day of my tendinitis (as it's really known) and I am getting increased movement, I'll have to keep it rested in the sling (I now have a proper one) and listen to my body when it tells me that I've been working it too long.