Current WIPs

Mrs U Makes...Fuss Free Baby Cardigan

In my last post, you saw the 3 in 1 Top. At the time, I had only cast on a few stitches for the third section. I'm now happy to announce that since then I have not only cast on the third section. I've also joined it to the second section and worked quite a few rows.

This is what it looks like:

Mrs U Makes...Fuss Free Baby Cardigan

I think the colours really work well together, but whether they will all look well on me will remain a mystery until I'm able to try it on. I think I'm almost coming to the end of the short rows section, as I stated in my last post, this is a technique that is new to me. I would like to try it again with a simpler pattern.

The picture at the beginning of the post is of the Fuss Free Baby Cardigan, designed by Louise Tilbrook. It is, of course, being made for Little Miss U. As you can see it's waiting for me to finish its sleeve.

Overall I'm happy with it though I'm not happy with the look of the button band. My bind off is always tight, even though I've used a stretchier bind off, it's still pulling in. If I was to knit this again I'd work the button band along with the main body.

Hopefully blocking the cardigan will even things out, even if it doesn't I won't be too fussed as I've only ever made one other cardigan. This will be a great learning experience for me, which will lead me to hopefully design my own children's knitwear range.