It's been a while, a very long while since I posted anything. One reason for this is little miss u, this girl is like the tripolatas all rolled into one person.

The tripolatas loved sitting in their bouncy chairs and play nest and would voluntarily climb in and relax. She always tries to climb out of her bouncy chair and for the short time that she actually used the play nest she would stretch, wriggle and growl until she was set free.

She rarely plays with any toy or found item for long and, now that she's crawling, wants to go everywhere and pick up everything. To her, the laptop is an invitation to help me bash at the keypad or play with the cable. She's too much of a distraction.

The second reason is that I've been watching more and more podcasts and realised that many other people are watching podcasts more than they are reading blogs. I can see why as it's a lot easier to see someone talk about a particular topic whilst you get on with other things. You can also take in more information without feeling like you're reading an essay (like this post).

Mrs U Makes... Baby Blizzard Cardie and Basic Crochet Hat

One final reason is that I'm knitting/crocheting more. This year I've decided to organise my projects into five groups (socks, shawls, sweaters, baby/kids, and project design). I plan to have one item in each category on the go, so when I finish one project I know that the next project I will start will be in the same category. The exception to this will be socks and shawls, I plan to make one pair of socks a month and one shawl every two months.


As I'm knitting/crocheting more and baking less, I feel the best thing to do (at least for the time being) is to make this a once a month blog. At the end of each month, I'll write about what I've done and what I plan to do next month. I will on the odd occasion post in between if I want to show off stash enhancements, acquisitions, announce shop updates, or share a recipe.

As well as these changes to the blog I've also made changes to the Etsy shop. I will no longer be selling jewellery or knitted/crocheted items. I think it's best that I focus on one area so in addition to my patterns there will also be stitch markers.

Mrs U Makes,.. Stitch Markers

I've made a few sets of stitch markers, out of the stones I used to use to make jewellery (nothing goes to waste), which should hopefully be added to the store at the end of the month. I would have liked to have them in the store already but lighting isn't great at this time of the year and when I do have good light I have to contend with (you guessed it) little miss u.

If and when I do get regular free time I will go back to posting more frequently.

Please do come back at the end of the month/beginning of February for my January round up.