January Round-Up

We've already said goodbye to the first month of the year, it feels like just yesterday I was thinking of what 2016 would bring. The main thing I wanted for this year was to do a lot more knitting and crochet than 2015. I stated in my last post that I made 10 items in 2015, this is not acceptable and cannot be repeated.

So far this year I have made six items and I currently have three wips including an item I started in 2015.

Finished Objects


My first ever socks were Mina Phillip's This Way That Way socks in Regia Design Line Jazz. I really enjoyed making these, the pattern was very intuitive. I made a slight change to the orientation of the slip stitches, this was accidental at first because I miscounted my stitches, I didn't want to tink back, so I just went with it and slightly changed the design. I'm very pleased with them, they are a little loose at the cuff so I may go down a needle size with my next socks.


There were quite a few kid's items off my needles and hooks in January. The first was the Baby Blizzard cardigan by Yarn-Madness using Wool and the Gang's Sheepaca. As with many of my projects, my gauge was a little tight so I started over and worked the larger size. Using the same yarn, I made a basic crochet hat to go with it. Both items were for little miss u, in fact, all the kid makes for January were for little miss u (sorry boys).

Next I made the Orchid Baby cardigan by RachySellsStuff, using that trusty Stylecraft Alpaca DK. This was a crochet pattern, which was very easy to follow. I made the 12-18 month size though little miss u is only 8 months, I think it's better that she grows into it rather than it becoming too small before she's got any use out of it.

Design Project

I made three design projects in January, all hats, all for little miss u. These hats will be part of the Hats Off To Ya Kid collection. I plan on making three or four more before publishing them.






I haven't cast on any socks yet, so technically they're not wips. When I do they'll probably be the Lillith Socks by Megan Sanders. The yarn I plan to use is Knit Picks Stroll in the Sapphire Heather and Blue Topaz colourways.


For January/February I am working on the Reyna Shawl by Noora Laivola with Skein Queens Luminosity Lace. The pattern is very straightforward but looks so good when finished.


I'm still working on the 3-in-1 sweater by Atelier Alfa. I wanted to finish this in 2015, but other projects had to take priority. I'm now on the sleeves and hope to attach it to the main body soon.


With January's kid makes being all about little miss u, I decided it would only be fair to make something for the tripolatas. In May 2015 I started working on The Playground Shirt by Elena Nodel, one evening I was trying it on tripolata 1 and the needles snapped. They were my new interchangeables (Knit Picks Trendz I think), and since then the project has been sitting in my wardrobe. Instead of starting a new project, I'm going to redo this one, only this time, I'm going to add a bit of colour work. I'll be using DY Choice DK, the same yarn I'm using in the 3-in-1 sweater.

Design Project

My latest design will be a crocheted wrap vest.The yarn for it arrived over the weekend and I plan on working the first swatch sometime this week. You can head over to my Project Inspiration Pinterest board to see some of the ideas I have.

To help increase my crafty productivity this year, I'm taking part in some knit-a-longs. The main one is Winter Camp, a competition to see which team can knit/crochet the most in three months. Point are awarded based on the yarn weight and the weight of the finished item.

I currently have over 100 points, Winter Camp is really pushing me to knit whenever and wherever possible. I've also joined sock-a-longs, knitting one sock a month at the Bakery Bears and Caffeinated Knitting podcast groups, and a shawl-a-long at the Andre Sue Knits podcast group, all on Ravelry.

Other News

My new stitch markers are now in the Etsy store, each set is made up of three-five stitch markers and a progress keeper and come in a drawstring mini notions pouch. This month I'm hoping to make more mini notions pouches, which will also be added to the store.


So I guess that's it for now, before you go, here's a little question...

If you could redo any of your past crafty projects, what would it be and what, if anything, would you change?


  1. Hey Diane! Charlotte from Wool and the Gang here :) That Sheepaca Baby Blizzard cardigan is toooooooooooo cute. It looks so beauuuuuutiful in that colour. x

    1. Thank you, it's such a beautifully soft yarn. I loved working with it.


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