Fairly Odd Socks (partial release)

For the past few weeks I've been busy testing and finalising the first two patterns in the my first sock collection, 'Fairly Odd Socks'. This is a collection of socks that are odd but still a pair.

Brothers Not Twins

Over The Top, Then In & Out


The first two patterns have been published on Ravelry as individual patterns and in the E-Book, they will be available every where else once the collection is complete.
Though the E-Book isn't complete, you can download the partial copy at a reduced price, this will then be updated when the final two patterns are added (and the price increased), which means....you'll get all four patterns at a bargain price.

The final to patterns in the collection, Join the Crew Socks and Meandering Socks are currently being tested and should be released mid September.

Join the Crew Socks

Meandering Socks


Once all patterns are released I will write a post and/or record a video talking about each sock in detail.

I've been working on this project since the beginning of the year and I have enjoyed every moment, so much so that I'm already thinking up ideas for volume two.

So if you want to get in on the odd sock madness head over to the Ravelry store and get yourself a copy.