...Other Makes

These are things that I've made that I haven't designed or developed myself.

 These are scones made with raisins

This is a Pear and Almond cake. I got the recipe from the Women's Institute Cakes recipe book

These are also from the Women's Institute Cakes book, they are muffins made using cranberries and a range of seeds. Very healthy and delicious

These are booties I made for my sons. I got the pattern from The Crochet Geek

These balls were made with Swarovski Pearls, I got the design from Bead Fantasies


  1. The muffins sound delicious, I don't do much baking myself, my daughter loves to bake though. She made a cake for her baby son's blessing day last week, it was delicious.
    Those little booties are absolutely darling :-)

    1. Thank you, Iknow make the muffns as a loaf cake as it's easier to just pour everything into one tin. I'm contemplating whether or not to make my sons' birthday cake when they turn 4 in August, if I feel confident enough.


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