The Perils of Knitting with Toddlers

On Friday evening I started working on The Greatest Love bookmark. I got to to row 30 out of 52 and was about to add another colour for the central motif (a heart). As I got the the required stitch I realised that something was wrong, the stitch wasn't in the middle of the main motif. I referred to my pattern and realised that I had miscounted the number of stitches required for the motif. The reason for this is plain and simple...the boys.

When I started the main motif they had just woken up and were jumping around me, throwing the wet clothes on the floor and messing with the snacks they had been given. No wonder I was distracted.

So it's now 10:30pm and I'm painfully ripping back 24 rows of knitting. I had to keep telling myself that it was necessary if I wanted my work to look professional.

Off I went redoing the work, thankfully DH decided to go to bed and took the boys with him. I was determined to stay up until I at least got to row 30.

When I achieved this I thought, I might as well finish the heart. I would have continued once the heart was completed but it was already 1:30am and I could hear one of the boys stirring.

I say this a lot but I REALLY can not wait for my boys to start nursery. It would be so nice to be able to knit without someone trying to grab at my needles or put the yarn in their mouth or rip up the piece of paper that my pattern is drawn on, whilst sporting a grin from one ear to the other.