Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Phone Case: Danny

I finished Danny yesterday. I'm really pleased with the progress I'm making. I've now got one more phone case to make (Ben), a bag (possibly two if there is enough yarn left when I finish Romani), and Romani. Danny was worried in shadow rib stitch and then turned inside out as its looks better with the shade of yarn used. For now I'm calling this 'Reverse Shadow Rib'. I'm not sure if it does have an official name though.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Phones Case: Charlie

I finished Charlie yesterday. I decided not to do a strap and have used three small buttons instead if the heart button I used for the prototype. The garter stitch section was worked over 10 rows instead of five. I think this looks a lot better. Now I'm about to start work on Danny.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Perils of Knitting with Toddlers

On Friday evening I started working on The Greatest Love bookmark. I got to to row 30 out of 52 and was about to add another colour for the central motif (a heart). As I got the the required stitch I realised that something was wrong, the stitch wasn't in the middle of the main motif. I referred to my pattern and realised that I had miscounted the number of stitches required for the motif. The reason for this is plain and simple...the boys.

When I started the main motif they had just woken up and were jumping around me, throwing the wet clothes on the floor and messing with the snacks they had been given. No wonder I was distracted.

So it's now 10:30pm and I'm painfully ripping back 24 rows of knitting. I had to keep telling myself that it was necessary if I wanted my work to look professional.

Off I went redoing the work, thankfully DH decided to go to bed and took the boys with him. I was determined to stay up until I at least got to row 30.

When I achieved this I thought, I might as well finish the heart. I would have continued once the heart was completed but it was already 1:30am and I could hear one of the boys stirring.

I say this a lot but I REALLY can not wait for my boys to start nursery. It would be so nice to be able to knit without someone trying to grab at my needles or put the yarn in their mouth or rip up the piece of paper that my pattern is drawn on, whilst sporting a grin from one ear to the other.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Yet to be named bag

Last night I finished the individual pieces for one of my bags. I haven't named it yet, most likely something will come to mind when it's put together. I just need to block and line it. I've just ordered a pair of bag handles for it as the ones I already have didn't really go with it. I may end up using them for a matching bag for Romani instead (if I have enough yarn left over).

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Falling into Place

For the past week I've been getting a few things together in preparation for the opening of my online store. I've bought mini swing tags from an Etsy seller which should hopefully arrive today. I've also ordered a custom made stamp, so that I can stamp the company name on the swing tags. There are organza bags making their way from China, I'll use these for my jewellery items and attach the swing tags to the bags. I would have liked to design my own business cards, but as my printer is out of action I had to use Vista Print. The design I chose wasn't exactly what I wanted but they're free and will do for now. I've already got sew in labels for the knitted/crocheted pieces. The only thing I might try and get (if the price is right) is custom tissue paper.
If you look to your right you'll see that I've opened my MISI shop. There were a few issues with the URL but with the help of their admin people it's all been sorted. The shop is on holiday mode, I only opened it so that I could put the URL on the business cards. So almost everything is in place, I've just got to finish everything.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Behind Schedule

Since Monday I've been looking after my 10 month old nephew. Yes I know it's crazy when you consider that I've got 2 year old triplets of my own. She started a new job and needs someone to watch him for a couple of weeks until she gets him into a nursery. So I've done no knitting or crocheting since Sunday night. By now I should have finished another bookmark and started on reworking the ' E in book' bookmark. Hopefully I'll somehow be able to get back on track.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Chain stitch bookmark

I finished the Argyll bookmark a couple of days ago (picture to come soon). As I was working the last few rows I began to think about another bookmark I had finished a few of weeks earlier. I was happy with the way the writing turned out but not with the look of the finished piece. As it was stranded, I found it hard to maintain a consistent tension. This has caused the width of the bookmark to be uneven.
As I thought of how I could improve this I remembered seeing something about embroidery in a knitting book. It's describes how to crochet on the surface of a knitted item to produce a motif. I've decided to try this method for the bookmark. This means that the main body will be worked in stocking stitch and then I will chain stitch the writing on the top. I may even be able to make the bookmark thinner as it looks a little thick.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Argyll Bookmark

I started the Argyll bookmark on Monday and I'm already halfway through. It's coming along well, I've just got to maintain the tension and take my time. I haven't made any mistakes so this should be able to go straight onto my 'To Sell' pile as soon as the back has been lined. Now that I've stated that I haven't made a mistake, I pray I don't go and make one, ripping it back would be too painful.