Bad Pattern Writting

I've just finished knitting the cabled bag featured in the spring 2011 bag supplement of Simply Knitting magazine. There were a few errors, excluding the error which I brought to the attention of the publishers, I've found two small errors which wouldn't effect the pattern but may cause confusion to someone who is new to knitting.

There is another error I found towards the end of the pattern (when working the top of the bag). You're instructed to pick up 64 st across the edge then work in rib for 4 Rows. Then you're told to cast off 24 st rib the next 12 and then cast off 24. Then to do the same for the other edge.

24 + 12 + 24 = 60 so what happens to the other 4 sts.

Instead I cast off 24 then ribbed 16 then cast off the remaining 24.

I'm so glad that I've finished and all I have to do is line it.
I'm also surprised that these issues haven't been brought up on the website. The error I reported to the magazine had not been mentioned on the site (the last time I looked) has no one else worked on this project, or have they also brought it up and nothing has been done or have they worked it out for themselves and not bothered to mention it.

This by far has been the most error riddled pattern I've ever worked on.