New Toy

On Tuesday I bought myself a tablet, its a Versus Touchtab 7v. I was a very good girl and allowed it to charge fully before using it. I've also been very good at not downloading any and everything from the Google play store.

This tablet will primarily be used for all things crafty, so I may not even transfer my music onto it.

The tablet itself has been great so far, however, yesterday (Wednesday) I tried to charge it before bible study and noticed that it wasn't charging. The pointy end of the charger has to be held in a particular position,  throughout the Bible study I had one hand on the charger trying to keep my tablet alive (all my notes were on it) and the other using the bible app on my phone.

I went back to the shop today expecting to be able to change the charger or order a new one. I was told by the sales assistant that I'd have to bring in everything and exchange it.

That's on more thing on my list of things to do tomorrow.