Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bad Pattern Writting

I've just finished knitting the cabled bag featured in the spring 2011 bag supplement of Simply Knitting magazine. There were a few errors, excluding the error which I brought to the attention of the publishers, I've found two small errors which wouldn't effect the pattern but may cause confusion to someone who is new to knitting.

There is another error I found towards the end of the pattern (when working the top of the bag). You're instructed to pick up 64 st across the edge then work in rib for 4 Rows. Then you're told to cast off 24 st rib the next 12 and then cast off 24. Then to do the same for the other edge.

24 + 12 + 24 = 60 so what happens to the other 4 sts.

Instead I cast off 24 then ribbed 16 then cast off the remaining 24.

I'm so glad that I've finished and all I have to do is line it.
I'm also surprised that these issues haven't been brought up on the website. The error I reported to the magazine had not been mentioned on the site (the last time I looked) has no one else worked on this project, or have they also brought it up and nothing has been done or have they worked it out for themselves and not bothered to mention it.

This by far has been the most error riddled pattern I've ever worked on.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Gilet: Change of Plan

I've currently signed up to the Craftsy class 'Sizing Knitwear Patterns' by Faina Goberstein. It covers swatching and working out the gauge and also helps to work out the pattern for different sizes.

It's a great class and shows how much work goes into preparing a pattern.

Whilst watching this class I decided that it may be best to make the gilet as a pattern only and not sell the actual finished piece, at least not yet. I thought that if I focused on pattern writing it would give me a chance to improve as a designer and would mean that I would have the finished piece to wear myself without having to make another one.

I may also rip back the gilet, as my initial swatching was somewhat rushed. However, as it's a simple design I'm likely to continue.

When I start the next project which will be a knitted ruana or stole, I will definitely take the time to do things properly.

The Joy of Baking

As mentioned in an earlier post I've been baking a lot since moving to our new flat. So far I've made bread, which hasn't been as successful as previous attempts, shortbread biscuits, oat based biscuits, and biscotti.

The oat biscuits and biscotti have become a favourite of mine. I've made them based on recipes from Stephanie Jaworski of 'The Joy of Baking'. Her recipes and YouTube videos are really good. I plan to work my way through them.

Today is Saturday and normally I would be baking but decided to catch up on knitting. I want to finish the cabled bag I've been commissioned to make and also continue with the crocheted gilet.

If all goes well I should finish knitting the bag today and then try to sew it up and line it during the week.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Toy

On Tuesday I bought myself a tablet, its a Versus Touchtab 7v. I was a very good girl and allowed it to charge fully before using it. I've also been very good at not downloading any and everything from the Google play store.

This tablet will primarily be used for all things crafty, so I may not even transfer my music onto it.

The tablet itself has been great so far, however, yesterday (Wednesday) I tried to charge it before bible study and noticed that it wasn't charging. The pointy end of the charger has to be held in a particular position,  throughout the Bible study I had one hand on the charger trying to keep my tablet alive (all my notes were on it) and the other using the bible app on my phone.

I went back to the shop today expecting to be able to change the charger or order a new one. I was told by the sales assistant that I'd have to bring in everything and exchange it.

That's on more thing on my list of things to do tomorrow.

Monday, 4 March 2013

All Moved In

We're finally settling into our new home, so much has happened over the past few weeks, I've barely done any crafting since moving. By now I should havefinished a custome order and the crocheted gilet. I was planning on getting some work done today, however, my DS#1 has beenunwell so all the boys were off nursery today. I'm praying that all is well with him as he hasn't been himself at all.

On a positive note I have been baking again, our new flat has a great oven, pictures coming soon.