Crocheted Earrings

crocheted earring samples by Mrs U Makes
Crocheted Earring Samples

The last items of jewellery I made were part of the Story Time Collection, which was over a year ago, as tripolata #2 would say, 'Wowzers'.

That's way too long, and with the summer finally making an appearance I feel I need to make a collection that says 'Hello Mr. Sunshine, it's good to see you again'.

Crocheted earrings are a great way to achieve this, I won't have beads, wires and other jewellery making equipment out, which the tripolatas would see as new toys. Plus there wouldn't be a load of mess from the said jewellery equipment, this for Mr. U would be a big plus.

I've made eight samples so far using 4ply yarn. The finished pieces will be made using crochet thread and would of course be in bright colours.

So what do you think?