Morgan, Backless Jacket Pattern

Finally the Backless Jacket pattern (which has since been christened 'Morgan') has been published, I would have done this a couple of weeks ago but was looking for a decent model. I eventually got hold of one and her name is Valerie, say "Hello" to Valerie


Valerie has really made a difference when taking pictures, my pieces look a lot more professional. I've retaken the pictures for Elise and Romani and will update the main pattern pictures when I get a chance.
I hope this little investment is going to boost sales. I've got one more pattern to write up, (The Pocket Poncho) and I'll need to continue with Ijeoma.

After a lot of searching I've found the perfect yarn to use on Ijeoma, it doesn't give the exact same colour effect as my first choice but is still very autumnal. I've changed the central motif from a knit/purl design to a cabled design, which will stand out more.

I'll have to get started on this quiet soon, the Tripolatas start their summer holidays next week, I need to plan lots of outings and activities to keep them occupied. It's going to be hard work, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that they'll be going to school full time when the new term starts, WooHoooooo. I don't know whether I'll spend my first day of freedom resting or going out and about, knowing that I don't have to rush back. However I spend it, I'm going to make sure I appreciate every moment.

How would you spend your day?

Before I go, here's Valerie wearing Morgan.

Morgan, backless knitted jacket by Mrs U Makes
Valerie and Morgan