The WIPs

Like most, if not all, knitters/crocheters I have more than one project on the go. I also have a small hoard of projects stashed away in a cupboard, which I'm in no rush to finish. Among these are two baby blankets, each named after one of the tripolatas, a lap blanket, a crochet hook case, Ugg boot styled booties, slippers, a baby hat, cardigan, and a crafting accessories case.

The crochet hook case, booties and hat will be frogged at some point, as I don't need them any more. I will try and finish the baby blankets before the end of the year. I only made one foot of the slipper, which I will keep intact as a sample. The cardigan and lap blanket will remain in their current state until I decide whether or not to complete them.

With regards to the accessories case, I have given it a new purpose. It was originally going to house all the bits and bobs I use for my knitting/crochet, but these now have a home in an accessories carrier that I store in my wardrobe.

I didn't want to frog this project as the yarn is fluffy and would constantly tangle and eventually break. The easiest thing would be to make a blanket or scarf, but that would just bore me, I have no need for cushions and there isn't enough yarn to make it into a garment. The best option I came up with was a bag, and when it's finished I'll write up a pattern. The yarn I'm using is King Cole Haze DK, it's worked in an Up and Down stitch, which gives a sort of closed shell/cluster textured effect. I also have another skein in purple, if all goes well I'll make one in this shade too.

Here's what it looks like, plus a close up.