New Project: Sirdar Knitted Vest

Sirdar Country Style DK

I thought I'd drop by and fill you in on what I've been up to. Since finishing the Ijeoma Ruana, I have two people testing the pattern, I'm hoping for a third just to be sure that the pattern is clear and correct.

Before starting on my next designs, I began working on this tank top from Sirdar. I started on Friday night finished the back a couple of hours ago. After reading the notes Ravelry from others who have already made this vest, I see that I could have made this in the round, eliminating the need to seam it at the end.

I'll try and cast on for the front this evening, with the boys going back to school tomorrow I'll have a few uninterrupted hours of knitting. After this I'll work on knitting two more tops, which are already in my Ravely queue.


  1. Hey, my name is Shanice from the blog City of Creative Dreams. Let me first tell you that I really like your blog. I am just stopping by to tell you that I nominated you for a Liebster Award and will be posting my nominations along with the rules of how this all works on my blog on Monday.

    1. Thanks Shanice, I took a step back from blogging for a few months but I'm now getting back into.


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