How To Knit A Sweater

I've always wanted to knit a jumper and have a few patterns that I'm eager to try out. Even with
the patterns I still want to know about the basic construction of a jumper. Last night I searched on
YouTube for something that would help and stumbled upon Knit Picks "How To Knit A Sweater"
video tutorial.

The videos cover 7 lessons were Nina explains how to take measurements, calculate the number 

of stitches, decreases, increases, sleeves and the neck line. You can use the lessons to design
your own jumper by adding your chosen colours and stitch pattern.

The videos were great and made the idea of knitting a jumper less daunting. Along with the videos 

there are notes which you can download, with all the calculations and space to note down your own.

Here's a link to the blog were the videos are posted. The bottom link is for lesson 2, which for 

some reason isn't with the others.
You can download the PDF for each lesson in the blog post.

Lessons 1, 3-7

Lesson 2