Meet Elise

I have finished Elise, apart from needing to be blocked to smooth out the bottom edging, she is ready and rearing to go.

                                                       Elise gilet by Mrs U Makes.

I initially used a clasp to close the front, but it was small and didn't complement the piece.

Then I remembered that I had a silver button left over from the Christmas presents I made for my sisters. I think this looks a lot better.

Now I just have to write up the pattern. I've done a little but need some serious quiet time to be able to sit and get on with it without little hands interrupting me.  I also have to take a great picture, either modelled by yours truly or I may ask one of my sisters.

In other news, I've already casted on for the Madison poncho designed by Martin Storey of Rowen. I'm also preparing to start another project, a ruana. Check out my 'Ruana Inspiration' board on Pinterest.