Chocolate Domes

In my last post I talked about my recent baking ventures. One of the my experiments was a mix of chocolate ganache with the biscuits that I mistakenly made without butter. I cut the ganache/biscuit mix into squares, but they were too soft so I needed to think of a way to have that soft biscuity texture without leaving hands covered in chocolate.

After much pondering I though about covering them in melted chocolate which would solidify making it possible to handle, but just covering it in chocolate wouldn't be enough...oh no...I had to think of a way to jazz them up. So after more pondering I remembered that I had bought cake pop moulds which would be perfect for my new creation.

This is the result. (I only had enough chocolate to make two)

Here's what it looks like on the inside...

I'm going to make these one more time before finalising the recipe. I think these will make a great contribution to the family Christmas meal, though as one of my sisters is vegan (yeah, more meat for me), I'll have to do a vegan version.

So I will en devour to get this done for Christmas so that you can all enjoy them too.