Madison Progress

I've been working on Martin Storey's Madison Poncho for a few months now. After a shaky start I'm now getting into the groove of things, despite my jammed pinky finger. Yesterday I hit a milestone by completing one of the neckline sections. In the picture below, I'm a few rows away from completing it. I worked on a few rows of the other section last night and I'm now 52 rows away from this being complete. If all goes to plan I should finish this by Friday, with DH being on holiday from work I'm hoping to get this done sooner.

Below is a snap of the project as it appears in Simply Knitting magazine, its looks so daunting but is actually easy and quick to make up (as long as you keep track of your rows).

Here is a picture taken from Hannaknits1's Ravelry project page, you can see the finished piece much better. Doesn't it look cosy, if I saw someone wearing this on the street I'd want one for myself.

I can't wait until it's finished and I can strut down the street looking fabulous, with everyone unable to believe that I made it myself.