I'm Back With Two New Projects

After a break over the Christmas holidays I am now back. Hubby returned from Nigeria last Saturday after leaving on Christmas day, yes.. Christmas Day. This was a very long Christmas holiday with the Tripolatas asking for their dad every night and practically crying themselves to sleep. I didn't get much knitting done but was able to do a lot of thinking about future patterns.

I am now roughly two pattern repeats away from finishing the main body of the Madison poncho (more on that later).

At the same time I have started two new projects.

The first is the Ijeoma Ruana, in my last post I talked about my chosen yarn (Patons Colour Works Aran) being discontinued. I have now found a substitute in the form of Rica Design Fashion Country Aran. The stitch gauge is 1 stitch greater than Patons, but this is fine as I can just add  a few more stitches in the areas where there is no patterning.

The second project is the Pocket Poncho (TBC). It's a poncho (obviously), that has a pocket on the front. I'm using Patons Fab Big. It's based on a poncho I made for my sister as a Christmas present last year (2012). The pattern is simple and the yarn is chunky so it shouldn't take long to knit up.

Even so I've been procrastinating a little, there always seems to be something that needs my attention and by the time I'm able to relax a little it's after 10pm and I'm wandering whether I should stay up and work a few rows or sleep.

I just have to keep reminding myself that in eight months the trio will be in school full time and I'll have more opportunities to do all the creative things that my fingers are itching to do, boy I can't wait.