Pocket Poncho Update

Yesterday I finished knitting up the pocket poncho. I'm very happy with the results and am now thinking of how to put it together. I tried one method which actually looked good, but then realised that it would be harder to line the pocket. I've now decided to unseam it, make a pocket with material that I'll hopefully buy tomorrow, then re-seam the ends. The pocket itself will now be bigger than I initially planned, more of a pouch than an actual pocket, which has given me some ideas for a name.

Knitted PonchoKnitted poncho with pocket

One thing I need to think about is the closure, Do I use snaps or a button? Most likely I'll use a button unless I can find snaps that aren't too small and fiddly.

As I initially thought, this project was quick to knit up, so it will be a project that I will sell as a finished product as well as a pattern. This one of course will be mine, but I will play around with variations in color, and pockets/pouches.