Double Dip Biscuits: Take 1

The tripolatas went to my mum's place this weekend, so I was all alone and took advantage by working on an idea that came to me one night.

I'd been given this great piping gun by my sister a few Christmases ago and had only used it a handful of times.
I thought that it was about time I tested it fully with a biscuit dough recipe I found in a book.

The piping gun worked a treat, making the shapes that I wanted and giving me greater control compared to a tradition piping bag.

As the biscuits were in the oven I prepared the next stage of my make, with a few minutes to go I decided to see how the biscuits were doing. They weren't good, they had spread out a lot and were already turning brown.

I took them out of the oven and piped out another batch which I placed in the fridge before popping in the oven. I could tell that these were likely to spread too and so made another batch of dough, adding a little more flour.

This time I put the dough in the piping gun and then placed everything in the fridge,  it was a lot firmer when piped out and didn't spread out so much, but the biscuits were still thinner than I had planned.

Not wanting to completely abandon my idea, I pressed on with decorating the biscuits. As they were thin, there were a few casualties, so I ended up with two thirds of the biscuits I started out with. Once the chocolate had set I sampled one and was pleased with the result. The chocolate coating disguised, the look of the biscuits and the crumbly texture.

When the tripolatas came home on Sunday, they were eager to try these new biscuits, and asked lots of questions about the chocolate and toppings. Though they enjoyed these treats I still want to get the biscuit itself right before declaring them a success.

If I have time during the week,  I'll try out another biscuit recipe, for now you can look at the pictures and imagine how great they taste.