Getting My Knitting Pattern Tested

As stated in the last post about Ijeoma, the pattern is currently being tested. The test is due to end at the end of March so the pattern should be available then. One of my testers has already finished working on the pattern and I'm eagerly waiting to see pictures of the completed ruana.

I'm so glad to have been able to have the pattern tested in this way. So far my testers have highlighted areas of the pattern that needed improvement, which I have done. They've also spotted a slight mistake in the instructions and made other suggestions.

I would encourage every knitting or crochet designer to have their patterns tested. No matter how many times you proof read your pattern, there will always be something that someone else spots or improvement that can be made.
The problem with pattern testing is that for designers like myself who are independent and just starting out, hiring testers isn't an option with our limited financial resources.

That's one reason why I love Ravelry's Pattern Testers Group. First and foremost it's free, you don't have to pay to test a pattern or have a pattern tested. For a designer this means knowing that your design works and getting immediate feedback. For testers it means getting new patterns before they are available to anyone else.

The other great thing about this group is the fact that it is moderated and there are rules and regulations that both designers and testers must follow. You also set the boundaries of your test, such as how many people you want, the time frame, the specific feedback you require and so on.

There may be other free testing sites out there but this is the one that I will stick with for my future designs.


  1. I agree, testing a pattern is very important! I love everything about Ravelry! It's filled with so many great resources for yarnies! :-)

    I'd love to have you link up to my weekly Yarn Fanatic Party! This week's can be found here:

    1. Thank you for stopping by Rachel. I'll be sure to join the party.

    2. Thank you for stopping by Rachel. I'll be sure to join the party.

  2. Very cool! I never knew about pattern testing but can see why it's a great and necessary tool!

  3. Thanks for visiting me! That looks like an amazing pattern. I have knitted for 30 years and altered many patterns, but never designed one from scratch. I am totally in awe of you clever designers. Look forward to seeing your pattern released (I'll see it on Rav, I'm sure!) and all best wishes for its success.

  4. Hello Diana, thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a nice comment! This pattern seems to be awesome! Testing is really important I'm agree too.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. Lovely patten Diane, the colours is perfect :)


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