Agate Nuggets & Story Time

The agate nuggets I ordered from the Jewellery Maker channel arrived over the weekend. The holes are not as big as I thought (don't know why I thought they were doughnut shaped), so I'll have to adapt some of the designs I had in mind.
I'm currently working on the Story Time collection, so the agate pieces will be sorted afterwards.

Speaking about the Story Time collection, I've got all but one of the charms needed to make the necklaces. Some of the charms I've ordered are larger than I was expecting, in particular a teapot which doesn't look like a teapot as it has two handles and no spout. This would have been perfect as it looks ceramic with a Chinese style design. I'll now have to order another one I've seen that's antique silver.

I've also got to order the chains which are going to be sterling silver.
Can't wait until everything is complete.