Stash Busting Blanket

I've long been trying to find a way to reduce my stash of yarn so that I don't feel guilty each time I buy new yarn for a new project.
Yesterday I felt like looking through my Ravelry queue, just to see if I'd stored any good cardigan patterns. Whilst scrolling through I came across this pattern for a ripple blanket

It's perfect for getting rid of all that old yarn that I can't find any real use for. I started yesterday night, working the foundation chain took an eternity because I kept losing count (I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs for my stitch markers), I knew I had around 470 something.

In the end I just decided to start, and prayed that I had the right number of chains (I had one extra).

I have no idea how long it will take me to finish but I know at the end of it I'll have space for more yarn.

Here is a picture of the first row, the yarn I'm using first is Hayfields Bonus DK.