Stash Busting Blanket: Skien Two & Three

I'm now on the third Skien in my stash. I believe this and skien number two are King Cole Pricewise DK (I'll confirm this on my next update, with the shade).

I can confirm that I have 490 stitches. After working the first three rows I realised that I HAD miscounted and the ripple pattern was not even. There was no way that I was going to start again so before the colour change I worked some extra increase stitches to give me the right number. Now the pattern is working perfectly.

The blanket is a lot bigger than I originally planned but then I'm not complaining, with the winters we've been having lately it will be nice to have a big blanket to cosy under. Though it probably wont be ready to use until next year.

I may use a darker shade next and possibly a thicker weight of yarn.