Cowl Cardi Finished...well almost

Yesterday I finished working on the Cowl Cardi (I'm still thinking of a name). Even up to the point of working the last stitch, I was still worried that it wouldn't work in the way that I had envisioned. As it was late I had to wait until this morning to pin the piece together and 'Thank You Lord' it worked. The size is great, the drape is perfect and the stitch pattern on the cowl is noticeable without being too out-there.

Cowl Cardi @MrsUMakes #mymrsumakes
Cowl Cardi

All that's left is to seam the cowl, then after blocking, seam the sleeves and add the buttons on the back.

If anything delays this patterns publication it will be the buttons. I don't have any at home that would compliment the cardi so I'll have to hop over to my local craft store which is about 15 minutes away by bus. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but with Little Miss U I'll have to think logistically about the best time of day to go, whether I take the buggy or baby carrier and getting her home before she's due a feed.

AND... I know that I can get them online but the only way to be sure that they'll go with the cardi is to by them in person. So if I haven't posted about the cardi by next week you'll be right to assume that I'm still waiting for buttons.