Marshmallow Krispie Treats

In my last post I wrote about the Superhero Party Rings that I tested in preparation for the tripolatas' 5th birthday party. On Friday I made a very small batch of marshmallow krispie treats, I set them in cake pop molds because I didn't think ahead and prepare something larger to set them in.

In keeping with the superhero theme I coloured these green (Hulk) and red (Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America). They were of course very easy to make, but were very sticky, the red ones had a bitter after taste, which I believe is from the food colouring.

I also made some royal icing to use in place of the icing that I had used when making the party rings. I coloured this green and used it to cover some of the green krispie treats and a couple of biscuits that I had in the cupboard. I only wanted to test the recipe as it uses corn syrup in place of eggs, it set very well so I will use this in place of the other icing when making the party rings.

I'm also going to use royal icing to decorate the krispie treats. As the red food colouring has a bitter taste, I will leave those plain and just decorate the top according to each superhero. The Hulk krispie treats will be completely green, then I'll use sprinkles and black or purple icing to decorate it further.

So that's two treats down and a few more to go. Next I will try out Superhero Power Sticks

I tried these again, yesterday afternoon, and find them too sticky for my liking. I'm thinking that it might be best to coat them with candy melts and do superhero krispie pops instead.