Party Treats - Superhero Party Rings

It's the tripolatas' birthday in a couple of weeks and throwing them a birthday party for the first and (according to Mr U.) last time. There isn't really a theme for the party itself but most of the food will be based on superheroes.

I asked each of the tripolatas who their favourite superhero was, tripolata 1 said Iron Man and Bumblebee from Transformers, tripolata 3 also said Iron Man for his first choice and "Hulk Smash!" as his second. Tripolata 2 chose Spider-Man and Captain America.

After a few weeks on Pinterest, I have a shortlist of sweet treats that will have a superhero twist and to ensure they are a hit I will do a trial run of each one.

Yesterday I trialled Superhero Party Rings. These a the classic party rings with using superhero colours. I found the biscuit press for this and some other classic British biscuits online and couldn't pass up the chance to put them to use. I also realised that they could be the second recipe in my Great British Biscuits series.

For the party rings I used red and blue for Spider-Man, red, white and blue for Captain America, red and orange for Iron Man, and Green and black for Hulk. This was supposed to be purple but instead of adding the blue colouring to the remaining yellow icing in order to turn it green, I added purple to it, oops.

I found a recipe for the biscuit, which I'm going to adapt, and making them was straightforward. Icing the biscuits was a lot more time consuming as I kept changing the consistency of the icing to see which worked best.

I did the Iron Man ones first, as you can probably tell (he's my least favourite superhero, RDJ annoys me for some reason). The Hulk biscuts were obviously the last and by this time I'd worked our the best way to do it

Once they were finished I placed them in the fridge, I then brought them out to transfer into a container. In the time it took for me to take a picture, give each tripolata a biscuit, walk to storage cupboard in the corridor to get a biscuit tin and walk back to the kitchen, they were already beginning to melt. The kitchen wasn't even hot, there is no way this would work for their party. I've now realised that I will have to used royal icing to top these biscuits, I'll have to make another (smaller) batch to see how much royal icing I'll need. I'll also need a darker red  food colouring, the one I used looks more like a dark pink and I used a lot.

The next treat to be tested will be Superhero Krispie Treats, I'll let you know how they turn out.