Goodies Galore

I've started watching a lot of knitting podcasts on YouTube, they're a great way of passing the time by whilst I'm knitting especially if Mr. U is watching something that I don't particularly care for (e.g. The X Factor). As I'm watching these videos, I find myself staring over their shoulder, looking at their stash of yarn piled into shelves and bookcases.

This got me thinking about my yarn stash and I realised that I don't really have much of a yarn stash. Even before giving away about half of my stash to my sister, most of what I had were either left over balls or yarn I didn't wish to use. What I'm left with doesn't inspire me and I really want to be excited by the yarn I have.

The vloggers in these videos do get excited by their stash, and I can see why because they are so luxurious, some of them have been spun or dyed by the vloggers themselves and it leaves me wanting to reach into the screen and grab one for myself.

After watching the process of spinning and dying yarn, I now appreciate the hard work that goes into it. All this has led me to the decision to try yarns that I would have previously overlooked, thinking that they were over priced.

The first place I checked out was Skein Queen, I'd heard so much about her yarns particularly from one vlogger, Along The Lanes, so I ordered Skein Queens Luminosity Lace. This yarn is made from Mulberry Silk, the highest quality silk you can buy. The silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. This yarn feels so smooth and sleek and the colour is wow. I could only get one skein so will use it to make a shawl for myself, I've already found the pattern that I'm likely to use (more on that in another post).

About a week after ordering the Luminosity, I was out and about with Little Miss U and happened to stumble across Knit With Attitude. I knew this shop was in the area, but I'd never had the chance to properly search it out. As soon as I saw their yarn display I knew that I wouldn't leave the store empty handed. Two skeins of Fyberspates' Scrumptious 4ply and one ball of Wool and the Gang's Sheepaca left with me.

Scrumptious is the perfect name for the Fyberspates yarn. It's so soft and squidgy, I could lie on a pile of this stuff and no wonder as it's made up of 55% Silk and 45% Superwash Merino. After rummaging through Ravelry, I still haven't decided what I'll make out of it. For now I'll just, love it, and pet it, and squeeze it tight (it feels that good).

The Sheepaca from Wool and the Gang will be used to make something for Little Miss U. It's a 50/50 blend of Merino Wool and Alpaca and I think it will make a great cardigan or sweater. It's not as soft and squidgy as the Scrumptious but still feels good to touch.

As well as the yarn, I also picked up these fruit-themed stitch markers and a project bag from Etsy. The seller popped in an extra stitch marker and some fun buttons, which I may use for Miss U's Sheepaca garment. Also from Etsy I got a fun tote bag, it was sold at a reduced rate for having some blemishes, but I can't see anything wrong with it.


To finish of this goodies filled post...

I bought some fabric to use as head wraps, but I have so much of it (9 yds in total) that I'm going to use the rest to try and make my own project bags. There are so many YouTube tutorials and so I don't imagine it would be too hard.

I have splurged a little this week, but I think it was worth it.

What would be your ultimate thing to splurge on?