March Round-Up

Mrs U Makes...March Round Up

March is here and so is my first podcast, if you would like to see the podcast version then scroll down to the bottom of the post.

I have quite a few projects and goodies to share, so let's begin.

Done and Dusted

I have three FOs this month


For March, I worked on a sock knitting kit given to me as a secret santa gift. The yarn is Rico Design Superba Print 4ply. It's self striping  and I was able to get both feet to look the same.

  Mrs U Makes...March Socks

These were worked on 2.5mm/1.5 needles, becaus they are for my niece who has larger feet than me (at 13 she's a size 7-8 UK). When knitting these I kept track of the number of rows I worled for each section so that it would be easier to make socks for her in the future.

For the cuffs I CO 64sts using a very stretchy CO method, and they really are stretchy. I worked the cuffs in 1x1 rib across 20 rows. I then worked 40 rows for the leg, 63 rows for the foot and a rounded toe.

On this sock I worked my first Fish Lips Kiss heel, this is so easy and I can see why everyone raves about it. Though it's easy to remember, I'll have to work on it a few more times before I can go without referring to the instructions.


 Since the end of January, my kids make has been the Playground Shirt by Elena Nodel. This was made using DY Choice using the leftovers I had from the 3 in 1 sweater (on 4.5mm/7 and 5mm/8 needles). I made the size 7-8 years, the only changes I made to the pattern were during the Raglan shaping where I twisted the stitches when working the yarn overs because they were too big for my liking.

In terms of the colourwork, after the shoulder shaping, I worked 9cm of the MC then worked 6 rows of the MC and CC1. I then worked another 9cm of CC1 and again worked 6 rows of colour work with CC2. I then went on to work a few centimeters of CC2 before working a 2x2 rib for 8 rows. My bind off was tight, so I will do this again using a stretchier bind off.

For the sleeves, I worked 7 rounds of MC, 9 rounds in CC1 and 5 rounds of CC2, with 1 row of colour in between. I finished off with 6 rounds of CC2 in 2x2 rib. My bind off for the sleeves was a lot looser.

I'm glad that I redid this pattern, my boys are eager to wear it so I'll have to get that hem sorted asap.


HUZZAH, the 3-in-1 sweater by Atelier Alfa is finished. I started this bad boy in September 2015, I can't believe it's taken me 7 months to finish. It's an all in one pattern (my favourite), with the sleeves being worked separately and then everything worked together for the shoulder shaping. The slanting effect is achieved by working shadow wraps, something I hadn't done before. These were so easy to do, especially with the link to a video tutorial.

Mine is a little big because I didn't do a proper swatch or keep track of my rows until I got towards the end of the project. Even though it's not a perfect fit I'm still happy with it. I wouldn't mind making another but not in the near future. I followed the pattern without making any tweaks, though if I did make it again I would work a selvedge edge on the button band.

The pattern is well written with clear instructions so I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a bit of a challenge.

As stated it was worked in DY Choice which is a 4ply yarn, 75% polyacryl 25% wool 450m/100g. I worked it on 4mm/6, 4.5mm/7, and 5mm/8 needles, one size bigger than in the pattern. (I don't have details of the colourways)

On The Needles/All Hooked Up

I currently have three main WIPs


My Rosa scarf, by Anne Schulz is coming along bit by bit, it's not one that I need to finish anytime soon, so I'm happy for it to be in the background for now. To make it I'm using 4mm/6 needles with Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply in Gold. It's a 55/45 blend of Merino and silk, 365m/100g.

The pattern is in garter stitch which is too boring for me to potentially work for 160cm, so I added sections of stocking stitch to stop me fom losing interest in it.


As part of my 1 shawl every 2 months challenge, I am making the Penant shawl by Laura Aylor. I fell in love with this shawl as soon as I saw it, I thought it was a great way to show off some of the yarn I bought at Unravel.

I'm working this on 3.5mm/4 needles using Baa Ram Ewe Titus. The first two skeins were 10g minis and I'm not sure of the colour way. I still have a little more of the pink to work, then I'll use the Lotherton colourway to work the main body of the shawl.

I'm really enjoying working on it, even though it's garter stitch, there are other elements that help to stop this being thrown on the UFO pile.

The yarn is a 50/30/20 blend of Wensleydale Longwool, UK Alpaca, and BFL, 320m/100g.

I'm looking forward to getting this finished so that I can wear it before the weather gets too warm.

Design Project

I haven't done much work on this because of Winter Camp, but now that Camp is over, this will be one of my main projects.

I working it using Knit Picks Curio in Silver and Cornmeal on a 3mm hook. This yarn is 100% cotton and should hopefully give me the end result that I'm looking for.

Goodies Galore

I received two sets of goodies in March, one yarn club subscription, and one swap package.

The yarn club package came from Third Vault Yarns, dyed by Lola who is based here in the UK. The club is run on a quarterly basis, with each quarter having a sci-fi/fantasy theme. This quarter was inspired by Firefly the TV series, and any fans of the show would definitely be pleased with what she put together.

The package came with a 100g/210m skein in Echo dk which is a SW Merino base. The colourway is called Serenity, named after the ship which the characters fly on. It's mainly a grey/green, with hints of maroons and oranges and then theres that flash of yellow.

I'm excited to see how this will work up, I'm semidecided on a shawl pattern and plan to use this for my May/June shawl.

The package also came with these minis on the Companion 4ply base, which is also SW Merino with 80m/100g. Each of the colourways represent one of the crew members.

From left to right, the mint green is in Pilot and is named after Wash (the ships pilot). There are flashes of reds and other tones in this mini. The purple is in Companion, named after Inara, the blue is in Reader, named after River Tam, and the pale orange/peach is in Captain Tightpants, named after Malcolm Reynolds, the ships captain.

I like all these colors a lot and after borrowing a few grams to put in a sock yarn blanket I might use the rest in a shawl pattern.

The last set of goodies that were added were a notions pouch, buttons and stitch makers. The characters used in the pouch and buttons are the crew members and the stitch markers also relate to a character and the things that they have done at somepoint in the series. My favourite stitch markers are the serenity stitch marker (it actually looks like the ship) and the spanner.

I'm pleased with everything I received in my club package, voting is already underway for the next theme, the options are Discworld, The Fifth Element and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. My vote has gone to the Discworld novels written by the late Terry Pratchett. I love the way these books are written especially the ways in which he's worked elements of our world into the Discworld. I'd be ecstatic if this is the next club theme.

If you're interested in signing up, check out the Ravelry group.

My swap package also brought a smile to my face, I was touched by what my swap partner put together.

This swap was hosted by Mina of the Knitting Expat podcast, on her Ravelry group. I was paired with a lady who lives in Boise, Idaho. The whole point of the swap was to find yarn and a few other treats to send to someone who lives in a different country, giving them the chance to sample something that they may not get the chance to try.

As you can see, I was spoiled.

The green/blue yarn is Dream in Color Everlasting DK in the Holly colourway, it's SW Merino, 275yds/100g . The lighter one is Greenwood Fiberworks Silky Sheep in River Stone, a 50/50 Silk/Merino blend 231yds/100g.
Everlasting is my sort of colourway, the blues and greens work so perfectly together. Silky Sheep isn't one that I would normally go for, but I do like the subtlety of each of the tones. I'm going to search for a project in whivh I can use the two skeins together.
There were also a few minis most of which are Malabrigo, a brand I’ve been eager to try.
She also made a quilt (A QUILT) and a cherry themed project bag, which will be used immediately. I also got a mini note book, Stash Premium teas, a deliciously smelly GOATS MILK SOAP made by Sally B Farms, Huckleberry Taffy, which is delicious, postcards of Idaho, a calendar of Utah and Lego for my boys.

Waiting in the Wings

So far I have two projects that I would like to re/start in April.

For my April socks I'll be using yarn from Whimzy in Colours of the Underground, it's a 80/20 Merino/Nylon blend 365m/100g. I believe this is a self striping yarn, so these socks will be basic, but with a contrasting cuff, heel and toe. I may work them toe up and do a FLK heel again.

The next project is technically a WIP, because I started some time ago. I wasn't far into the project when suddenly my needles snapped. Since then it's been sitting in my wardrobe, I think it's about time I did some work this, so once I've checked the gauge I'll either carry on from where I left off or start over. 

The yarn I used for this is Sublime Lustrous Extra Fine Merino DK, a 67/33 Merino/Nylon blend. This yarn is discontinued so I'm hoping that I have enough balls to finish the project.

Word For The Month

I've decided to add this section as a way to encourage others with my faith.

The word for April is Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight.

I talk in detail about why this verse is important in the video, but basically it's about putting God in everything you do knowing that even though it may seem as if it's not working out, God is in control and you can know that it will all work out in the end.