Baking Fail to Accidental Genius

Yesterday I felt like doing some baking so decided to make my Oat and Nut Biscuits. I had measured out the dry ingredients a few weeks ago and had them stored in food bags in an old biscuit tin.
On the food bags I'd written the non dry ingredients that would be needed, so proud at how efficient I had been. 

Mixing the sugar and egg together I felt that something was wrong, but put this down to the fact that I was whisking by hand instead of using the food processesor, like I usually do. 

I then added the flour, and everything seemed ok. Then came nuts and oats and everything went downhill from there. The whole mixture was extremely dry, it looked like I was making bird feed.

The measurements for all the ingredients were the same as always, I couldn't understand why this was happening. I had to pull out my little folder with baking recipes and found the one for the biscuits. Right there at the top page, the first ingredient, butter...I'd forgotten the butter. I was supposed to mix the butter with the sugar and then add the eggs.  No wonder it looked funny

How dumb do you have to be to mess up your own recipe (well an online recipe I've adapted), butter is practically a baking staple. Forgetting a pinch of salt or tsp of vanilla extract is one thing, but butter. 

On the bright side they didn't turn out too bad. I baked them in different ways to see if they could be salvaged and have stumbled upon something that might work, sort of a Oat and Nut Snap or possibly something fashioned with chocolate. 

I'm going to work on it a little more and hope that this mistakes turns out to be a great discovery.