Pattern Writing, More Than A Piece of Cake

I finally got round to taking some descent pictures of the Elise Gilet. They're not exactly as I would have wanted (modelled by a person) but I like them. Upon looking over the pattern I noticed a few errors, I ended up having to sit with the gilet at the laptop, counting stitches, recapping what I did.

This has shown me how important it is to write down every little detail clearly as the piece is being worked. Though I did write down what I was doing it was more or less in the form of notes. I know now that I will have to write things down as if I was writing the pattern.

Before I started writing patterns, I didn't realise how time consuming it would be. I thought that once the item is finished I'd spend a couple of hours writing it out and 'There you have it' the pattern is done. Oh how wrong I was, writing up the pattern takes just as much effort as making the item itself.

Making Elise has been a great learning opportunity, and I now feel even more confident moving onto the Ruana.

Crocheted gilet