New Pattern: Elise

Crocheted gilet

Finally it's done, Elise has been published. I just couldn't wait anymore so I've spent the last few days sorting out pictures and proofing. I'm scared to read through it again in case I find another mistake.

The pattern is only available in a UK size 10/12 (bust 36"/38"), I've done some maths for larger sizes but I'm not 100% certain that they'll work, I'll have to test it out before adding more sizes to the pattern. I'm not sure when I'll get the time to do this with the children, house work, WIPs and this pinky finger issue (yes its still bent), not to mention starting the Ruana and jumper and putting together some jewellery for Christmas. I will have to do what I can, when I can.

Elise is available from Etsy, MISI, Ravelry and Craftsy, I really do hope you like it, it's my first proper step into garment making so I'm anxious about getting it right. Who knows this time next year I might have a few jumpers under my belt.