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For the past week and a half I have participated in linky parties all over blog land in an attempt to get more people reading my blog and hopefully build up my followers.

It's a lot of hard work, remembering to actually add a link and then checking other links that have been posted. Things have been made a little easier by Alice of Mum's Make Lists. She has a great calender on her blog that lists a vast array of linky parties plus their general start times. I've selected a few each day and linked these to my Google calendar.

I think that all the linky parties I've participated in so far are based in the States, so for the first couple of days I was up late linking away not wanting to be number 183 on the linky list. I soon realised that I couldn't carry on that way and now focus on parties that launch between 7am and 11pm GMT.

As I have anticipated more traffic, I decided to vamp up the blog. So if you are a returning reader you'll now be able to see what I look like (well from the side any way). I'm also taking my time when taking pictures and have used various editing apps to give them a professional feel.

All this partying seems to have paid off as I've been featured in not one but two linky parties.

             Tropical Fruit Drops @MrsUMakesCinnamon Crunch Cookies @MrsUMakes

The first is over at Go Crochet Crazy and was for my Tropical Fruit Drops. The second was at The Weekend Wind Down for my Cinnamon Crunch Cookies.

If you're also a blogger and you haven't taken part in blog parties, I suggest you start now. I've put together a list of the parties that I take part in under the linkup parties tab.

Let you hair down and PARTAY.


  1. My hair's down and I'm partying! :) Great job, Diane, and well-deserved! Now if only I were close enough to get some of those tasty treats you make! Hope to see you on next week's Link-a-Long at Go Crochet Crazy! :)

    1. Oh PS, I live in the US and Germany, Germany most of the time. So I think our time zone gap is narrower for the next several months. :)

  2. Diane, great goal on getting more into the linky party scene! It is really hard to make that time and get to the party on a great time. I was getting too overwhelmed to make it to the parties there for a while. But, then I made it a comment on a list that I've made for myself and have noticed a huge difference! Thank you for sharing!


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