Ladies Shrug & Pocket Poncho Progress

Ladies Shrug by Mon Petit Violon

In my last post I wrote about the new project I was working on,  the Ladies Shrug.  I've been working on this for a few days now and the pattern seems to have a few mistakes in it. I sent a message to the designer but the response didn't help as I don't think they've realised the mistakes that have been made.  I sent another message yesterday evening so hopefully this will bring some clarity.

Ladies shrug progress
Ladies Shrug progress

I'm on the verge of frogging this piece completely,  but I really like it and hope everything can be sorted out.

Now for some positive news,  I'm getting a steady pace on the 'Pocket Poncho' and have made a slight change by way of a button hole (as pointed out by the knitting needle). In the first piece I attached the button to the front of the poncho and fashioned a loop to use as a strap. A button hole feels like a better option and will provide a closure that is a lot more secure.

Pocket Poncho progress
Pocket Poncho progress

Testing the pattern was a very good idea.