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Now that I've finished Madison (yay), I needed to move on to another project in my "To Make" list. The pattern I've decided to work on is a crocheted shrug by Mon Petit Violon.

Ladies Shrug
By Mon Petit Violon

The pattern doesn't recommend any particular brand of yarn, just one which knits to a DK weight and to the specified gauge.

I'm using J C Brett Top Value,  it is a cheaper yarn but you get a great amout of yardage for your bucks. I'm making my shrug in blue, I would prefer to do grey like in the above picture but Madison was knitn in the same shade and my wardrobe is in need of some more colours.

I'm already working on a knitted shrug/jacket (also in grey), the pattern for which will be published upon completion. It's worked in moss st with ribbing on either end so only God knows when it will be finished.

Speaking of patterns, I should have published the pattern for the Pocket Poncho by now, but I decided that if I'm going to be a proper knitting/crochet designer I'll have to do things the right way. That means making another one to ensure that the pattern actually works.

Once I've done that I'll swatch for Ijeoma and then MAYBE start work on that also.
If all goes to plan, and that's a big IF, I'd like to have these finised by the summer. So no interruptions please.


  1. Good luck with your shrug! I'll be interested to know how it turns out. I love the idea of a crochet shrug but have yet to find a pattern I love. ~Mary at GoCrochetCrazy.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Mary, I really want to wear this so will persevere.


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