Adjustable Poncho Complete

I have finished the Adjustable Poncho from Bergere de France. I finished it on Tuesday, then got to work blocking it.

Adjustable Poncho in beige by Bergere de France
Under my bed was the only flat surface that was big enough to block it and it was a struggle getting it under there.

Adjustable Poncho in beige by Bergere de France being blocked
Now it's blocked and sitting in my wardrobe until I get buttons. I tried to get buttons in Monday, knowing it was a bank holiday but not registering in my mind that it meant that the shop was likely to be closed, and it was. They don't open until Friday, so I'll have to wait until Saturday to get the buttons. My other option is to get them from John Lewis, but I don't have the energy to take these three soldiers to Oxford Street and chase them all around a huge department store.

I've also order the yarn for the gilet, which I have christened "Elise", though this name won't be official until I've completed the piece. I'm hoping it will arrive today so I can have it ready to hopefully wear to church on Sunday.

The King Cole Kitty Cardie is almost complete too. I started the left from yesterday now all I've got left to do is to work the sleeve section and then the shoulder shaping, then join the pieces and block it. I'll also add a crocheted applique to the front.

If all goes to plan that's three projects completed in one week. Huzzah.