Romani Shawl PDF Pattern

I've been a very busy bee today, I worked two rows on the gilet collar, but then had to stop because the yarn left wouldn't have been enough to complete the row. I'll have leave it until I get some more. This is annoying because everything is taking shape, the collar is looking good and I can't wait to see the piece complete.

So, as I couldn't work on the gilet I decided to write up the pattern for Romani. I started by working on the chart, this was the easy part. The hard part was copying it into a word document. Each time copied and pasted, the chart would overlap pages and I couldn't adjust the size. After about half an hour of fiddling about with Paint and Wordpad, I finally did it.

The next step was to write up the pattern and the bits and bobs that go with it. When the whole thing was done, I then uploaded the PDF to Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy. I'm yet to load it onto MISI, I'll probably do that later this evening.

The house is in a bit of a state so I've got to some cleaning to do, actuallly a lot of cleaning.



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