I Don't Want To Go To Toilet

"I don't want to go to toilet" said my DS#1. A couple of minutes later he was trying to climb my lap not wanting (in his words) "...to sit down"/"...relax". At the time I was working on the adjustable poncho by Begere de France. I put this down and allowed him to climb up. He was only sat for a few seconds before standing up again, trying not to fall asleep. I ignored him and attended to DS#2 who was trying to relax.
Once DS#2 was comfortable I looked up at DS#1 who was looking at me with a far away gaze in his eyes. "Not again", I thought and asked him if he had wet himself. He nodded and then I realised that he was standing over the poncho, he had just peed on the poncho.

All I could do is pick it up and out it in the radiator, I can't wash it because it's not finished. I'll just have to buy something like Febreeze, to spray on it until its completed.

Thankfully I'm making this for myself, so I'll think of him every time I wear it.