No More Baby Makes

For a long time now I have been making blankets, booties and hats for the babies of family, and friends, and I'm not complaining about that, the problem is that I haven't made a a garment for myself (except the gilet I crocheted at the beginning of the year).

I feel it's time to begin making things for myself, like cardigans, jumpers and socks. Last week I leafed through my patterns folder. There are so many patterns there that I've taken out of magazine, then there are the patterns I've downloaded onto my phone, Ravelry projects queue and Pinterest board.

The only way I'm going to get through these is to forget the babies and treat myself to a handmade garment. There are three that I've currently got my eye on, on of which I've already got on my needles, and that's the 'Adaptable Poncho' by Bergere de France.

Adaptable Poncho
The other two are the 'Allegro' shawl by Purl Alpaca Designs and a Cape pattern by Martin Storey that I found in Simply Knitting magazine.

Once I've finished the King Cole Kitty Cardie that I'm making for my friend's twins, I'll start with Allegro and then start the Cape when I've finished the Adaptable Poncho.
The other items I would like are pictured below, these have been taken from Simply Knitting, Let;s Knit, and Knit Now magazines. Patons' pattern books, Bergere de France magazine #164, Purl Alpaca Designs and a pattern from the internet. The patterns were in plastic wallets when the pictures were taken, that's why they look a little hazy.