Divine Inspiration

Blue filet crochet shawl

I find that a lot of my inspiration comes when I'm in church. I'm listening to my Pastor, teaching a great message, then suddenly something pops in my head. As I'm in church I can't start sketching or writing out plans and I always have to stop myself from getting carried away by thoughts of the yarn I'll use and the shades I'll try out.

Just this Sunday gone my Pastor was continuing his message on 'Deeply in Love' and I started thinking about Romani (pictured above) and how it would look great as a bag. I then thought of making it in different shades and having a contrasting lining and then thought of how I would construct it, flat? in the round? in one piece or two?

Don't be mistaken, I don't drift off into these thoughts because I'm bored, my Pastor is a great teacher. An aspect of his message will either remind me of something that I had planned to do or draw on something that I had seen and then I begin to plan a new project.

All of this reassures me that I am going in the right direction in terms of what I want to do in life, and as long as I continue to be inspired by the One who gave me these talents, I know that I'll never have to look back.